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FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING & RETURNS | +1-844-232-1401 M-F 9:30am-5:30pm ET


You can reach us at (844) 232-1401 (M-F 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM EST), or anytime at

How can I give you my prescription?
There are a few options: You can give us your optometrist’s phone number, along with your date of birth, and we will obtain it on your behalf. You may also upload a digital copy of your prescription at checkout, or email it to us at help@aliceandoliviaeyewear.com. You may also fax a copy of your prescription to us at (844) 232-1401. Please be sure to include your name and order number when you send your prescription via email or fax.
How long will my order take to process?
After purchase, an order with a complete prescription and pupillary distance (PD), will take 5 - 7 business days for lenses manufacturing at our optical lab for single-vision prescriptions (most common). Progressive prescriptions will require 7 - 10 business days to process at our lab. Once processing is complete, your new eyewear will then take 3-5 business days to reach you via USPS. Orders that require that we obtain a prescription from an optometrist, or that are missing important information such as PD, may require an additional 3 business days for processing.
What is the status of my order?
You can check the status of your order in your account section or send an email to our support team at help@aliceandoliviaeyewear.com.
This style is out of stock. Will it come back?
Some sunglasses and eyeglasses styles and frame colors are limited editions and will not come back in stock. We’d be happy to check with our retail locations to see if they have additional stock. Feel free to contact us at help@aliceandoliviaeyewear.com. to see if we can locate a pair of glasses or sunglasses for you or suggest alternative styles.
Can I use my FSA card to place an order on alice + olivia eyewear?
Yes! Your FSA card qualifies for prescription glasses, progressive glasses, prescription sunglasses, progressive sunglasses, and frames alone (without lenses) on aliceandoliviaeyewear.com only. FSA cards cannot be used with purchase on aliceandoliviaeyewear.com
When will my order ship?
For single-vision prescription eyeglasses orders, please allow 5-7 business days from the day you place your completed order for your new eyewear to ship. For progressive prescription orders, please allow 7-10 business days from the date of order placement until the date of shipment. Non-prescription orders will ship within 2-4 business days. When your order ships, we will send a shipping confirmation email complete with a USPS tracking number to the email address we have on file for your order.
How will you ship my order?
We ship all of our domestic orders via USPS First Class with limited tracking. Domestic orders generally take 3-5 business days to arrive. When your order ships from our lab, you will receive a email with a USPS tracking number and expected arrival date. International orders that contain prescription eyewear are first shipped to our warehouse in Brooklyn, and are then re-shipped to their final destinations via International Priority Mail. Each time your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number to monitor the progress to you. International order can take multiple weeks depending on customs processing and procedures of the local postal authority.
I need my new eyewear right away. Can you expedite it?
At this time we don’t offer expedited shipping or delivery.
Do you offer international shipping, and how much does it cost?
Yes, we charge a $40 flat rate for international shipping. All international prescription orders ship first from our optical lab to our warehouse for processing and quality assurance. From there, international orders are shipped a second time to the final destination. Due to custom procedures on eyewear shipments, international orders can take multiple weeks to clear and arrive at a final destination.
What is the strongest prescription you can fill for glasses?
The strongest single vision prescription we are able to fill for eyeglasses is -10.00/+6.00 sphere or +/-4.00 cylinder. If you have a stronger prescription than that, you may purchase our frames without lenses by selecting the "No Lenses" at checkout and have your lenses made by a local optician.
Do you offer bifocal or progressive lenses?
We offer free-form HD progressive lenses in all of our prescription frames. These lenses are made with an algorithmic segment height for the best field of vision at each focal point in the lens. Progressives are widely considered the modern alternative to bifocal glasses.
I have a strong prescription, do you offer high index lenses?
Yes! For strong prescriptions, we offer thinner, lighter lenses called high index lenses to reduce the “coke bottle” effect of thick lenses. We recommend them for all customers with prescriptions stronger than +/-4.00 sphere. They are available for $40 more per pair.
Why did the price go up when I entered my prescription during checkout?
If you have a strong prescription, we automatically upgrade the eyeglasses lenses in your order from standard index lenses to high index lenses. These lenses more efficiently refract light, thus preventing the "magnifying glass" effect created by thicker lenses on strong prescriptions. The cost for a high index lens upgrade is an additional $40 per pair. If you enter your prescription directly, you will see the change in your order total immediately. If you upload your prescription or request that we call your doctor, we will process the additional charge once we submit your prescription to our lab. If you would like to decline this option, simply uncheck the box for high index lenses during checkout.
What is my PD, and how can I find it?
Your pupillary distance (PD) is the distance between your pupils measured in millimeters. This allows us to fit your prescription glasses or sunglasses to the position of your field of vision. Any optician can measure your PD. If you had prescription eyeglasses made in the past, your optician should have your PD on file. There are also a number of online tools you may use to measure your PD from the comfort of your own home. This measurement does not change, and it will not vary depending on the style of alice + olivia glasses or sunglasses.
What is the refractive index of your lenses?
Our lenses are made from shatter resistant polycarbonate, one of the thinnest and lightest materials used for women’s prescription glasses. Our standard index lenses have a refractive index of 1.56, and our high index lenses (for strong prescriptions) have a refractive index of 1.67. For especially mild prescriptions, we use a material called CR-39 that boasts impeccable visual acuity but tends to get fairly thick when used to accommodate stronger prescriptions.
What kind of lenses and coatings do you use?
Every pair of alice + olivia prescription eyeglasses includes anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings on each lense.
What is the warranty on my glasses and sunglasses?
All alice + olivia eyewear is protected by a one-year limited warranty. Our warranty covers lens coatings and manufacturing defects. The policy does not cover accidental damage or lens scratches. For warranty inquiries please contact our customer support team at help@aliceandoliviaeyewear.com.
What is the return policy?
We want you to enjoy your recent alice + olivia eyewear purchase. If something isn’t right, you may return your eyeglasses or sunglasses (even prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses) within 30 days of delivery for an exchange or full refund. To initiate an exchange, or facilitate a return email us at help@aliceandoliviaeyewear.com. If you have a domestic order we will send you a prepaid USPS return shipping label to begin your return process. Please note that our return policy does not apply to sale items, which are final sale (non-returnable and non-exchangeable). Additionally, international shipping fees are non-refundable.
What if my eyeglasses or sunglasses don't fit?
If your new frames don’t fit exactly right, a local optician can likely perform an adjustment to align the fit to your face. This only takes a few moments and is usually free. If there is a free involved, we would happy to reimburse you for the cost of the adjustment.
I lost my glasses. Can you help me replace them?
We keep the pertinent details of your previous purchases (including your prescription) on file for up to five years. If you need a replacement, we can arrange that quickly and easily. Lost frames do not qualify for reimbursement during our 30 day return policy.
Can I return my glasses or sunglasses to an alice + olivia store near me?
Yes! But, for the fastest processing please return your glasses or sunglasses by starting the return process by emailing help@aliceandoliviaeyewear.com.